Today march 25th, we are not able to preview if, on the next Summer Solstice, we’ll have conditions to organize the fourth Chase the Sun Italia. The UK edition was cancelled few days ago.
We have chosen to wait until April 20th for any decision. At that date we will still have 60 days to organize the most romantic long distance cycling challenge. Except for further suspensions and decrees which we will obviously have to abide by.

We have now, only one certainty: Summer Solstice can’t be posticipate and so the date remain Saturday 20th of June. If it is not possible to organize on that date, the fourth Chase the Sun Italia will be postponed to 2021. Just like the UK edition. All 2020 registrations will obviously be kept valid. Further details as soon as possible.

Thanks, regards and #restiamoacasa!


Italy Coast to Coast


Coast-to-Coast, east to west, sunshine to sunset. From Cesenatico to Tirrenia, cycling the longest day of the year. The most romantic long distance cycling challenge awaits for you. Quite likely the best collective cycling adventure of the world! To find out how far you can ride in one day, choose the longest day of the year. It’s a ride not a race!


Chase the Sun Italia + 4days cycle tour


Land in Milan on June 18th, leave from Milan on June 25th. An amazing cycle tour in Italy, back from Pisa to Milan after your Chase the Sun Italia. 420km route and 4.300m climb in 4 days. Road racing bikes, an english speaking cycling guide, support van for a 4 days cycle tour. For more details e-mail us or clik the button.





Chase the sun is more than a simple race. It’ a challenge with yourself. There’s no final ranking nor medals awarded. There are no winners. Or maybe better to say, everyone will be a winner.  We hope you will be left with the great satisfaction of having finished, tired but happy, and the chance to proudly be in the Chase the Sun Finisher community. It’s quite the most romantic long distance cycling challenge. And it’s not impossible. There’s only one thing to do – to pedal from sunrise to sunset, from east to west, from one coast to another – on the longest day of the year. Chase the Sun is exactly what you do!

SUBSCRIPTION open from November 8th, 2019 until May 31, 2020 or when we’ll reach 300 participants, no more. Registered with UCI member-card and not registered are admitted. Asked to everyone the medical certificate, you find a facsimile on the registration form. Registration are made on the ENDU portal.

REGISTERED (UCI or similar): 150€ until 30.04.20, 170€ from 01.05.2020 to 31/05/2020

NOT REGISTERD: 170€ until 30.04.20, 190€ from 01.05.2020 to 31/05/2020

What’s included:

  • participation (tracce, rider passport, finisher gift),
  • luggage transport from start to finish (for bike-box additional cost of 12€)
  • welcome drink – Cesenatico, after technical briefing (ita+eng)
  • free entrance to Bagno Siria with shower and sea cabin,
  • sunset dinner in Tirrenia, reserved to participants
  • special rates for night+breakfast on Friday (or Thursday) in Cesenatico and Saturday in Tirrenia (direct booking on your part)

Requirements for enrollment of registered participants:

  • British Cycling member-card (or similar) valid for the year 2020;
  • Medical certificate for sport activities, valid for the year 2020;

Requisiti per l’iscrizione dei partecipanti NON tesserati:

  • Medical certificate for sport activities, valid for the year 2020;
  • Subscription of liability and privacy disclaimer, at participation kit collection in Cesenatico

Participation kit collection on Friday 19th from 2.00 to 7.00pm – Cesenatico Hotel Miramare
Technical briefing and welcome drink, on Friday 19th at 5.30pm – Cesenatico Hotel Bristol

In case of renunciation of participation the participants will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee paid, nor to any sum of money as indemnity or compensation.

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CHASE THE SUN ITALIA routes: 3climbs e 4climbs


3 climbs: total distance 263km, 2700m to climb, leaving Bientina you chose the way for Vicopisano
4 climbs: total distance 272km, 3300m to climb, leaving Bientina you chose the way for Buti-Colle di Calci



Three or four climbs, depending on your choice, and many up and down waiting for you on this route. First ascent at km 38 and 300m climbing to arrive to Rocca delle Caminate. A very technical descente to Predappio. From Predappio start the second long gentle climb to Valico Tre Faggi, about 40km and 860m climbing, to reach the top at 930 meters above the sea. Very gentle and easy for first 20kms, then medium difficulty to the summit. Tre Faggi is the “Cima Coppi”, the highest summit of our course. From the top a long descent to Florence. First check-point at Bar Cavallino – km 93,5 few kilometers after the summit.

After Florence, km 162m the third long ascent to Carmignano, 380m climbing in about 12 kilometers to arrive at 420m above the sea. Second check-point km 174 “Il Pinone” restaurant. We suggest to rest and eat (pappardelle with sugo di cinghiale).

The fourth (optional) ascent it starts between Bientina and Buti km 221, 530m climbing in about 11 kilometers to reach 610m above the sea of Colle di Calci – Prato Ceragiola, last summit of the 4climbs course and third check-point, Cristalli restaurant- km 234Last descent to Pisa and in the end the small country road, from locals called “la Bigattiera”, until Tirrenia Bagno Siria. And now…you are a FINISHER.

GATE CLOSING AT 4pm / KM 174 (ristorante Il Pinone)

The Italian edition is organized in the respect of the international rules: you have to start with sunshine and to arrive a moment before sunset. There are no medals on the arrival, just a little gift and the important satisfaction to be finisher!
The event promoters take care of logistics, with a special welcome drink in Cesenatico and a “more special” sunset arrival dinner in Tirrenia. Every participant has to organize himself along the way. We are here for advice, but it is the other riders you will meet on the day, that will create the unforgettable memories of your Chase the Sun experience. To find out how far you can ride in one day, choose the longest day of the year.
Your decision to participate in the Chase the Sun event is entirely personal and undertaken of your own free will. We cannot be held responsible for the decisions you make. Our exclusive role is to promote the challenge and indicate the route. Your responsible behaviour on the roads and with the other cyclists is detrimental to the success of the event.


For your accommodation in Cesenatico we have agreed special rates with hotel Miramare**** or Bristol-Domus Mea*** (same family property) for the Friday night: double room with dinner and early morning cyclists’ breakfast at 3.30am – e-mail contact, specify you are a Chase the Sun rider. We have also agreed special rates with the hotels consortium Cesenatico Bellavita.

For your accommodation in Tirrenia we have agreed special rates with the Grand Hotel Golf, for the Saturday night and Sunday morning breakfast. When you contact the hotel, specify that you are a Chase the Sun rider.


At the end of the cycle ride, does any kind of ranking take place?
As the event is not a race but a long-distance cycle ride, there is therefore no classification and no medals are awarded. Recognition as a Finisher is given for those arriving by sunset at the Tirrenian Sea beach front.
Can cyclists participate in the day’s event without taking part in the dinner?

Unfortunately not. Registration for the cycle ride includes the dinners. The spirit of the event is to create something which goes beyond a mere cycle ride. The start and finish dinners are an integral part of the cycle ride and help create a sociable atmosphere.

The welcome drink in Cesenatico, together with a final technical briefing offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the fellow cyclists. Dinner on arrival at the beach on the Tirrenian coast with a swim, a shower, a group photo, a restaurant reserved for the participants, music and the “Chase the Sun” cake will help make your participation in the long distance cycling challenge an unforgettable experience.

Is there any closing gate time?
Yes, the time starting from the second checkpoint – the Pinone restaurant / summit ascent of Carmignano – which is at 4.00pm.

From here to the finish point there are fewer than 100 kilometres via the Buti ascent. Those departing from the Pinone restaurant after 4.00 pm will have to skip the 3rd checkpoint at Prato Ceragiola, thus avoiding the fourth and final climb by cycling from Bientina towards Vicopisano along the small road that follows the Fosso della Serezza.
Vicopisano > San Giovanni alla Vena > Cucigliana > Lugnano > Uliveto Terme > Caprona > Argine dell’Arno > Colignola (here you return on the original track)

Can cyclists participate without registering?

Yes, this is possible, giving us a fitness medical certificate for competitive sports activity (you can upload in the registration form). You can find a facsimile filling the form.

The medical certificate must be uploaded in digital format upon registration form and be clearly legible (scanned or photographed).

Is there a rescue truck or any other assistance along the route?

There is no rescue truck therefore each participant must be able to cycle the route independently. However, drivers of the teams participating in the cycling relay will be available to provide assistance to all participants, if requested and when possible.

How can cyclists get to Cesenatico and return to Pisa?

The railway stations of Cesenatico / Rimini, or Ravenna, and Pisa (16km from Tirrenia) are well connected by many regional, intercity and fast trains.

On all regional trains, bicycles can be transported without having to remove the wheels. On all other trains, bikes (not ITALO) can be transported as normal baggage, provided that the wheels are removed and the whole fame is placed in a bag.
Bologna and Rimini airports are convenient for the cycling departure point (as is also Verona, but the transfer is definitely longer). Upon arrival, Pisa airport is a practical option and is easy to reach.
The hotels we support can provide transfers to and from airports and stations by taxi-minivan.

A chauffeur service is available upon request for those arriving by car at Cesenatico who want to be taken to Tirrenia on the day of the cycling event, leaving the car in the parking lot of the Golf Hotel, with keys to be delivered at the reception desk (quite expensive service).